Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes

Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes

2 Seasons

Raw conversations about faith, life, and Jesus. This show contains adult language not suitable for some younger viewers. New Episodes every Friday.

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Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes
  • Apposing Views on Homosexuality (Part II)

    Episode 1

    Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes. David & Randy, with Sam Howard and Todd Davis talking homosexuality. This is part two.

    Disclaimer: We originally aired this episode first, but it was suppose to be part 2.

  • Shane Blackshear: Belief, Doubt & Peace

    Episode 2

    In this Jesus, Whiskey & Cigarettes episode, David and Shane discuss how Shane got started with his popular blog and podcast "Seminary Dropout". Shane shares some insight into the interview process and how he approaches his work. They dive a little deeper and explore where they are with their fai...

  • Apposing Views on Homosexuality (Part III)

    Episode 3

    Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes. The third part of our series on homosexuality and the church.