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Latest Episodes

Latest episodes from all our television shows.

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Latest Episodes
  • Mikey's Used Pastor Lot

    Mikey Sandusky used to own a Used Car Lot...but now he's a born again Christian. So's a Used Pastor Lot. Come on down! He's got every type of pastor you can think of...literally.

  • Why Rusty Butters is Votin' for Trump!

    One of David's comedy sketches that has fallen to its death on The Cutting Room Floor. A follow up to the sketch "Making Christianity Great Again."

  • Ragamuffin Sundays S:2 E:4

    Shawn Chadwell is back to share more of his heart and message of God's love and compassion! Recorded live at the 2018 Ragamuffin Retreat!

  • Pub Theology Trailer

  • Ragamuffin Sundays S:2 E:11

    Live at Ragamuffin Retreat 2017 - Dave Mullins gives a life giving sermon based on the wisdom and vows of St. Francis of Assisi.

  • Ragamuffin Sundays S:2 E:10

    Live at Ragamuffin Retreat 2017 - Dave Mullins teaches on the vows of St. Francis and what that can look like applied to our lives.

  • Ragamuffin Sundays S:2 E:8

    Shawn Chadwell speaks truth and grace; live at Ragamuffin Retreat 2018

  • Ragamuffin Sundays S:2 E:9

    PC Walker shares his heart of grace and love about Jesus, life and faith.

  • Ragamuffin Sundays S:2 E:7

    Sam Howard live at Ragamuffin Retreat, stops by camp to bring a a word of faith and love.

  • Ragamuffin Sundays S:2 E:6

    Sam Howard, pastor of "The Gathering" in Carmel, Indiana talks about faith, life, and love on this episode. We love you Sammy!

  • Ragamuffin Sundays S:2 E:5

    PC Walker, author, spoken word poet, and ragamuffin pastor loves preaching God's love and prays you come and fall in love with Jesus.

  • Ragamuffin Sundays S:2 E:2

    In episode 2 of season 2 of Ragamuffin Sundays Tony Pingitore breaks down Matthew 9:18

  • Ragamuffin Sundays S:2 E:1

    Sam Howard Kicks off Season 2 of Ragamuffin Sundays.

  • Ragamuffin Sundays S:2 E:3

    Sam Howard is back with more good news!

  • Pub Theology S:1 E:1

    A revolving door of hosts and guests talking theology over a pint...and sometimes breakfast. This first episode is kicked off by David Leo Schultz (Ragamuffin) and Wm Paul Young (The Shack) as they discuss how they met, hell, faith traditions, the bible, and the need for a second reformation.

  • Mitch Mcvicker Concert

    Mitch Mcvicker plays music, tells stories, and uses flamingos in this intimate and beautiful concert to point people to the love of God as he plays for the Annual Ragamuffin Retreat.

  • Jeremy Dunlap Concert

    Jeremy Dunlap performs a communion concert at Ragamuffin Camp 2018 in Hillsboro, Indiana at Twin Lakes Camp and Conference Center.

  • Seeker Sensitive Training Vol. 1

    Senior Pastor Larry Barlow gives his inspirational advice on how everyone can have a big ole kick butt amazing church like his!

  • Common Prayer for Ragamuffins: Day 1

    In the spirit and tradition of THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, comes a visual daily offering of prayer for Ragamuffins. This is the preview for Day 1 of 30 (more coming later this year).

  • S1: E1 - The David Leo Schultz Show

    Starring: Phillip Wilburn as Donald Trump
    Written & Directed by DLS

  • What Stirs or Robs Your Affections for Christ

    Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes. Part II of our conversation with Lisa Pay.

  • Elane and Benton: Worship, Wounds, and Healing

    An incredible worship duo, Elane O'Rourke and Benton Stokes make a special appearance live from the Ragamuffin Retreat. Ben kicks things off with some heartfelt worship songs, and Elane gives a powerful sermon about the wounds we carry and how they can start healing.

  • Love is Meant to Give Away

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Mark Bitner tells a personal story from his wife and how love should be given away.

  • Andrew Greer: Songs of Grace

    Live from RAGAMUFFIN WEEKEND, Andrew Greer uses song to talk about God's grace and does a Q&A with David Leo Schultz.