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Latest Episodes

Latest episodes from all our television shows.

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Latest Episodes
  • Pub Theology S:1 E:1

    A revolving door of hosts and guests talking theology over a pint...and sometimes breakfast. This first episode is kicked off by David Leo Schultz (Ragamuffin) and Wm Paul Young (The Shack) as they discuss how they met, hell, faith traditions, the bible, and the need for a second reformation.

  • Mitch Mcvicker Concert

    Mitch Mcvicker plays music, tells stories, and uses flamingos in this intimate and beautiful concert to point people to the love of God as he plays for the Annual Ragamuffin Retreat.

  • Jeremy Dunlap Concert

    Jeremy Dunlap performs a communion concert at Ragamuffin Camp 2018 in Hillsboro, Indiana at Twin Lakes Camp and Conference Center.

  • Lloyd S:2 E:6

    Lloyd ends the series with a great story about he almost died.

  • Lloyd S:2 E:5

    In this episode...well you just have to see.

  • Seeker Sensitive Training Vol. 1

    Senior Pastor Larry Barlow gives his inspirational advice on how everyone can have a big ole kick butt amazing church like his!

  • Lloyd S:2 E:4

    More hilarious stories of Lloyd almost dying.

  • Lloyd S:2 E:3

    LLOYD - SEASON 2, EPISODE 3. You know what's funny? How Lloyd almost died...for the third time.

  • Common Prayer for Ragamuffins: Day 1

    In the spirit and tradition of THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, comes a visual daily offering of prayer for Ragamuffins. This is the preview for Day 1 of 30 (more coming later this year).

  • Lloyd S:2 E:2

    In this episode Lloyd talks about the second story about he almost died.

  • Lloyd S:2 E:1

    In this season premiere of LLOYD, Lloyd discusses the first of 6 times he almost died. It's really funny.

  • S1: E1 - The David Leo Schultz Show

    Starring: Phillip Wilburn as Donald Trump
    Written & Directed by DLS

  • What Stirs or Robs Your Affections for Christ

    Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes. Part II of our conversation with Lisa Pay.

  • Elane and Benton: Worship, Wounds, and Healing

    An incredible worship duo, Elane O'Rourke and Benton Stokes make a special appearance live from the Ragamuffin Retreat. Ben kicks things off with some heartfelt worship songs, and Elane gives a powerful sermon about the wounds we carry and how they can start healing.

  • Love is Meant to Give Away

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Mark Bitner tells a personal story from his wife and how love should be given away.

  • Andrew Greer: Songs of Grace

    Live from RAGAMUFFIN WEEKEND, Andrew Greer uses song to talk about God's grace and does a Q&A with David Leo Schultz.

  • Chapter Six - The Father

    The Lost Son. Jim, Joe, and Michelle are taken hostage, and everyone waits for the Father to arrive.

  • Ragamuffin Devotionals with Dave Mullins

    Using scenes from the Ragamuffin movie, Dave Mullins delivers a powerful message about understanding God's love.

    Dave starts by discussing Masks, or the difference between what we allow others to see and who we really are. Next, Dave talks about how Rich Mullins led a life of reckless faith an...

  • Sitting in the Dark

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Melissa Hatfield explains how we can view our trials.

  • S2:E1 - Lloyd Mullins & David McCoy on JWC

    Season 2 - Episode 1 - Jesus, Whiskey, & Cigarettes - Lloyd Mullins and David McCoy stop by to talk with David and Randy about Jesus, Life, and Faith.

  • Getting Past Shame That Paralyzes Us

    Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes. David Leo Schultz sits down with professor Lisa Pay (Anderson University) as they revisit past mistakes, embracing where you've come from, and the opportunities those troubles bring to teach people grace.

  • Rich Mullins: Live from Lufkin, Texas

    Licensed directly from Rich Mullins family, "Live from Lufkin, Texas," was a concert recorded on July 19, 1997, two months before Rich Mullins was killed in an auto accident. Watch and listen to his amazing music and his profound insights in between the songs. You can purchase a DVD copy of this ...

  • Should You Just Forget Your Past?

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Todd Davis likens dismissing your past to skipping to the end of a movie.

  • Missing

    John Brennamen is no hero. He's just a man who lost his wife to cancer and his daughter has gone missing. But what he will do to get her back is nothing short of heroic.