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Latest Episodes

Latest episodes from all our television shows.

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Latest Episodes
  • Finding The Joy Down In Your Heart

    Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes. David Leo Schultz interviews his buddy Shawn Chadwell, an original Color Green member. The greatest summer ever, first ministry job, and seasons.

  • T - Power Unpacked

  • The Lost Sheep, Coin, and Son

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Alex Early teaches about three stories that show God's reckless love for us.

  • R - Power Unpacked

  • David McCracken: Rich Mullins Inside the Label

    My Ragamuffin Story. David McCracken was a record label advocate for Rich Mullins. His story of befriending Rich, supporting his vision from inside the record industry, dealing with loss, and finally seeing the movie "Ragamuffin" for the first time.

  • H - Power Unpacked

  • Chapter One - The Prostitute

    Chapter one of The Lost Son. Two lonely souls. Joe tries to connect with a prostitute after making a huge mistake.

    Please Be Advised: Adult language and themes included.

    This show 6-part modern day tale inspired by the story of the Prodigal Son.

  • I - Power Unpacked

  • The Church and Politics (Part 2)

    Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes. Part two of a conversation on legislating morality with David and Randy.

  • Evensong Episode 7

    Tim Gillis - Evensong Episode 7 - Prayer in poetry

  • The Church and Politics (Part 1)

    Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes. David and Randy discuss the history of politics infiltrating the church, including "forced piety", the founding father's, and public morality.

  • Evensong Episode 6

    Tim Gillis - Prayer in Poetry -

  • The Importance of Solitude

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Fil Anderson speaks about the deadly toxins of noise, business, and hurry. And how solitude to Jesus was absolutely imperative.

  • Evensong Episode 5

    In this 5th episode of Evensong: Prayer in Poetry, Tim Gillis, through his Prayer in Poetry, explores the theme of judging.

  • Addiction is a Label

    Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes. Doing Drugs. Selling Drugs. Hopelessness. Mark and Noah share their stories of Jesus meeting them at their lowest.

  • Evensong Episode 4

    On this fourth episode of Evensong: Prayer in Poetry Tim Gillis discusses Ramblings In Pain.

  • The Heart of Mercy

    Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes. Tony Pingitore discusses the heart of God... mercy.

  • Evensong Episode 3

    Episode 3 of Evensong: Prayer in Poetry with Tim Gillis

  • The Infallibility of Scriptures

    Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes. Sam Howard visits with director David Leo Schultz to talk about many things like being ok with mystery, wanting a God that's bigger than us, interpretation of Scripture, the what the only hill we should be willing to die on.

  • Evensong: Episode 2

    Evensong: Episode 2 of Tim Gillis' Prayers in the form of Poetry. Watch. Be encouraged. Be inspired. But most of all, "Be His."

  • Growing in intimacy with God

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Alex Early walks us through having real intimacy with Jesus.

  • Evensong: Prayer In Poetry

    An episodic program hosted by Tim Gillis and his collection of poetic prayers.

  • You Can't Serve Two Masters

    The Furious Love of God. David Leo Schultz discusses the idols in our lives.

  • Erich Kussman: Holy Mischief

    Ep. 27 of Jesus Whiskey & Cigarettes features Minister and Social Activist Erich Kussman sits down with David Leo Schultz and talks Jesus, Life, Faith and breaks down what it means to live a life of holy mischief.