2 Seasons

An Indiana tree farmer, guru of all types of odd movie trivia, and a guy who calls it like he sees it.

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  • The Elephant in the Room

    Episode 1

    Lloyd talks about his blog and his famous brother. This show contains adult language not suitable for some younger viewers.

  • Lloyd's Top Picks of the Week

    Episode 2

    Lloyd reviews the best and worst war movies he’s ever seen, Lucero, fighting with his brother Rich “Wayne” Mullins, the multitude of dogs he owns, and what he really thinks about crazy fans who come on his property.

  • Lloyd is a Terrible Soldier

    Episode 3

    Lloyd describes being in the Air Force, the things he hates, and another round of Top Picks.

  • Darth Vader and Swamp Things

    Episode 4

    Lloyd takes us into the writing process and more hot takes on movies, music, and literature.

  • Lloyd Goes To The Fair (Season Finale)

    Episode 5

    In the Season Finale, Lloyd goes to the Indiana State Fair, for a thrilling time.