My Ragamuffin Story

My Ragamuffin Story

15 Episodes

Stories of everyday ragamuffins and their journey's with Jesus. New Episodes every Wednesday.

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My Ragamuffin Story
  • Debbie - Part I

    Episode 1

    The first chapter of Debbie’s ragamuffin story, including faith, deception, and disease.

  • Debbie Part II

    Episode 2

    With her husbands health diminishing rapidly, and with no answers in sight, Debbie tries to be a strong mother to her kids.

  • Debbie - Part III

    Episode 3

    Debbie talks about how her sons start showing signs, becoming their primary care givers, and then battling her own medical emergency... breast cancer.

  • Debbie - Part IV

    Episode 4

    The conclusion to Debbie's epic story... for now.

  • Erich's Story - Part I

    Episode 5

    My Ragamuffin Story. Erich tells the radical way he found Jesus in jail.

  • Erich's Story - Part II

    Episode 6

    My Ragamuffin Story. Erich takes advantage while in prison to grow his education and his faith.

  • Erich's Story - Part III

    Episode 7

    My Ragamuffin Story. From Prison to Princeton.

    Erich tells his story from going to college while at a halfway house, meeting his wife, and getting a free ride to Princeton Theological Seminary.

  • Erich's Story - Part IV (The End)

    Episode 8

    My Ragamuffin Story. Erich Kussman tells about fighting for injustice and where he's at now.

  • Channell Syke's Ragamuffin Story

    Episode 9

    Addicted to heroine. Lost on the streets. And a mom who showed her Christ's love.

  • Sister Sylvia's Story

    Episode 10

    My Ragamuffin Story. Sister Sylvia works for New Jerusalem, working with addiction.

  • Dezmon Rogurs's Story

    Episode 11

    My Ragamuffin Story. Dezmon shares losing family, selling crack, and true value in relationships.

  • Malik Williams's Story

    Episode 12

    My Ragamuffin Story. Selling drugs to recovery at New Jerusalem.

  • Amy Rodgers Story

    Episode 13

    My Ragamuffin Story. Rehab wasn't enough... Amy needed Jesus.

  • Eric Zebluim's Story

    Episode 14

    My Ragamuffin Story. Eric's story of drugs, alcohol, father imprisoned, and feeling like a burden.

  • David McCracken: Rich Mullins Inside the Label

    Episode 15

    My Ragamuffin Story. David McCracken was a record label advocate for Rich Mullins. His story of befriending Rich, supporting his vision from inside the record industry, dealing with loss, and finally seeing the movie "Ragamuffin" for the first time.