My Ragamuffin Story

My Ragamuffin Story

9 Episodes

Stories of everyday ragamuffins and their journey's with Jesus. New Episodes every Wednesday.

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My Ragamuffin Story
  • Debbie - Part I

    Episode 1

    The first chapter of Debbie’s ragamuffin story, including faith, deception, and disease.

  • Debbie Part II

    Episode 2

    With her husbands health diminishing rapidly, and with no answers in sight, Debbie tries to be a strong mother to her kids.

  • Debbie - Part III

    Episode 3

    Debbie talks about how her sons start showing signs, becoming their primary care givers, and then battling her own medical emergency... breast cancer.

  • Debbie - Part IV

    Episode 4

    The conclusion to Debbie's epic story... for now.

  • Erich's Story - Part I

    Episode 5

    My Ragamuffin Story. Erich tells the radical way he found Jesus in jail.

  • Erich's Story - Part II

    Episode 6

    My Ragamuffin Story. Erich takes advantage while in prison to grow his education and his faith.

  • Erich's Story - Part III

    Episode 7

    My Ragamuffin Story. From Prison to Princeton.

    Erich tells his story from going to college while at a halfway house, meeting his wife, and getting a free ride to Princeton Theological Seminary.

  • Erich's Story - Part IV (The End)

    Episode 8

    My Ragamuffin Story. Erich Kussman tells about fighting for injustice and where he's at now.

  • Channell Syke's Ragamuffin Story

    Episode 9

    Addicted to heroine. Lost on the streets. And a mom who showed her Christ's love.