Ragamuffin Reflections

Ragamuffin Reflections

2 Seasons

Short devotionals to aid you in your spiritual journey towards Christ.

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Ragamuffin Reflections
  • Being a Child of God

    Episode 1

    Alex Early begins season one with a discussion of what it means to be a child of God. Children are dependent on their caretaker. Just as we should depend on Jesus.

  • Quit Asking God To Use You

    Episode 2

    Why we should stop asking God to use us, and start asking him to show us his love for us. Hosted by Alex Early.

  • Two Words that Altered History

    Episode 3

    Mark Bitner discusses the two big words that changed our relationship with God forever.

  • The Best Way to Hear the Voice of Jesus

    Episode 4

    Mark Bitner invites us to do something specific to hear God's voice.

  • The Kingdom of Heaven

    Episode 5

    In this episode of Ragamuffin Reflections, Todd Davis looks at a familiar passage about the Kingdom of Heaven in a new way you might not expect. It means that we are sought after.

  • Don't Fake It With God

    Episode 6

    Ragamuffin Reflections with Alex Early. We don’t have a relationship to get God to do things for us. God communicates with us, it’s a two way street

  • How to grow in Christ-likeness

    Episode 7

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Alex Early. How do we get rid of sin and renew our minds?

  • What Are You Chasing After?

    Episode 8

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Mark Bitner asks us to contemplate who we really care about? God or stuff?

  • Boast in Your Failures

    Episode 9

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Mark Bitner tells us exactly why we shouldn't be afraid of our brokenness.

  • But God Why?

    Episode 10

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Dealing with Frustration by Shelley Gorin.

  • Jesus is not Superman

    Episode 11

    Ragamuffin Reflections with Alex Early.

  • When God’s Answer is Not What We Expected

    Episode 12

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Shelley Gorin speaks about her own experience dealing with God's answers.

  • Definitive Answer for the End Times

    Episode 13

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Todd Davis delivers the answers you have on all things "end times."

  • Have you neutered Jesus?

    Episode 14

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Mark Bitner. Is Jesus a lion or a pussycat to you?

  • Growing in intimacy with God

    Episode 15

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Alex Early walks us through having real intimacy with Jesus.

  • There Was Evening, There Was Morning

    Episode 16

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Todd Davis on the wisdom found in the way God created.

  • Should You Just Forget Your Past?

    Episode 17

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Todd Davis likens dismissing your past to skipping to the end of a movie.

  • Love is Meant to Give Away

    Episode 18

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Mark Bitner tells a personal story from his wife and how love should be given away.

  • Wounded by Other Christians

    Episode 19

    Ragamuffin reflections. Alex Early. How do you deal with other Christians that treat you terribly?

  • When You Don’t Feel the Fulness of God Anymore

    Episode 20

    Ragamuffin Reflections. Todd Davis. Take a breath.