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Ragamuffin Sundays

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Pastors talking about Jesus. New Episodes every Sunday.

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Ragamuffin Sundays
  • Hope We Can Hold Onto

    Episode 1

    Dave Mullins discusses how our world is in desperate need of hope.

  • Fil Anderson - Shaped By The Word

    Episode 2

    In this episode of Ragamuffin Sundays, pastor Fil Anderson teaches us that just doing your Bible reading isn't enough. Stop looking for what you can do with the Word, and start letting the Word of God do something TO you.

  • How Long Is It Gonna Be Like This?

    Episode 3

    When life is hard, we tend to ask, "How long is it gonna be like this God?" Pastor and author Alex Early tackles how we aren't wasting our time waiting, and that God is still present in our valleys.

  • How to Push Through your Disappointment with God

    Episode 4

    How do we make it through our dissapointment to come to know Jesus in a more full way? David Mullins talks about how the story of Lazarus, Martha, and Mary radically changed for him 20 years ago when his brother Rich died. What he discusses is how Jesus might not be the God we want, but He's alwa...

  • Does God Exist?

    Episode 5

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Sam Howard talks about passive atheism, and how belief comes from emotion.

  • How Fear Becomes Faith

    Episode 6

  • Do You Have Faith That Jesus Still Works?

    Episode 7

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Daron Earlewine asks us to consider if we believe that God works on adults.

  • How Does Gratitude Change Your Faith?

    Episode 8

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Alex Early discusses the story of Jesus healing the lepers.

  • You are Not Condemned by Failure

    Episode 9

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Sam Howard.

  • The Freedom of Being Caught by Jesus

    Episode 10

    Ragamuffin Sundays. David Mullins. How the story of Jesus saving an adulterous speaks to us now.

  • I'll Be With You

    Episode 11

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Fil Anderson walks us through God's desire to be near us.

  • The Meaning behind "For God So Loved the World..."

    Episode 12

    The Living Room. Alex Early walks us through John 3's famous passage.

  • Dignified by Jesus

    Episode 13

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Pastor Tony Pingitore speaks to the dignity that we all have as children of God, rather than being just his servants.

  • We have a New Daddy

    Episode 14

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Am I a child of this world or am I a child of the kingdom of God? Sam Howard walks us through Romans 8, we are adopted.

  • What to do when your life is on empty

    Episode 15

    Ragamuffin Sunday's. David Mullins speaks about the woman at the well.

  • The Heart of Mercy

    Episode 16

    Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes. Tony Pingitore discusses the heart of God... mercy.

  • The Importance of Solitude

    Episode 17

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Fil Anderson speaks about the deadly toxins of noise, business, and hurry. And how solitude to Jesus was absolutely imperative.

  • The Lost Sheep, Coin, and Son

    Episode 18

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Alex Early teaches about three stories that show God's reckless love for us.

  • What is Love? (Live at Ragamuffin Camp)

    Episode 19

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Live from Ragamuffin Camp 2017. Shawn Chadwell.

  • Discover Who You Were Born To Be

    Episode 20

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Pastor Daron Earlywine. The story we tell ourselves makes all the difference.

  • Sitting in the Dark

    Episode 21

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Melissa Hatfield explains how we can view our trials.

  • No One But You

    Episode 22

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Dave Mullins.

  • Jesus Restores Dignity

    Episode 23

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Tony Pingitore shows how Mark 4 is more about humanity than fireworks.

  • The Power of Concealing Sin

    Episode 24

    Ragamuffin Sundays. Tony Pingitore talks about the adulteress and Jesus.