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Watch this video and more on Ragamuffin TV

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  • Fil Anderson - Shaped By The Word

    In this episode of Ragamuffin Sundays, pastor Fil Anderson teaches us that just doing your Bible reading isn't enough. Stop looking for what you can do with the Word, and start letting the Word of God do something TO you.

  • How Long Is It Gonna Be Like This?

    When life is hard, we tend to ask, "How long is it gonna be like this God?" Pastor and author Alex Early tackles how we aren't wasting our time waiting, and that God is still present in our valleys.

  • How to Push Through your Disappointme...

    How do we make it through our dissapointment to come to know Jesus in a more full way? David Mullins talks about how the story of Lazarus, Martha, and Mary radically changed for him 20 years ago when his brother Rich died. What he discusses is how Jesus might not be the God we want, but He's alwa...

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