Individual original stories, specials, and programs that fit in no box or label.

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  • Planeview

    Chapel Hill United Methodist Church has committed to a 10 years to loving the people from the poorest neighborhood in Wichita.

  • Tim Gillis Live

    Tim Gillis is an author who dives deep into sharing his insights of the pain and poetry of life. Shot live in front of friends and family in Washington D.C.

  • Elane and Benton: Worship, Wounds, and Healing

    An incredible worship duo, Elane O'Rourke and Benton Stokes make a special appearance live from the Ragamuffin Retreat. Ben kicks things off with some heartfelt worship songs, and Elane gives a powerful sermon about the wounds we carry and how they can start healing.

  • Pub Theology Trailer

  • Mitch Mcvicker Concert

    Mitch Mcvicker plays music, tells stories, and uses flamingos in this intimate and beautiful concert to point people to the love of God as he plays for the Annual Ragamuffin Retreat.

  • James Bryan Smith

    David Leo Schultz sits down to interview his friend and author of "The Good and Beautiful God" series, James Bryan Smith.

  • Richard Rohr on St. Francis of Assisi

    In preparation for the St. Francis movie DLS flew to New Mexico to spend time with Franciscan Priest, Fr. Richard Rohr to discuss the heart of St. Francis - from there the conversation dived into faith and life. Watch and enjoy the conversation.

  • Jeremy Dunlap Concert

    Jeremy Dunlap performs a communion concert at Ragamuffin Camp 2018 in Hillsboro, Indiana at Twin Lakes Camp and Conference Center.

  • Andrew Greer: Songs of Grace

    Live from RAGAMUFFIN WEEKEND, Andrew Greer uses song to talk about God's grace and does a Q&A with David Leo Schultz.

  • Ragamuffin Devotionals with Dave Mullins

    Using scenes from the Ragamuffin movie, Dave Mullins delivers a powerful message about understanding God's love.

    Dave starts by discussing Masks, or the difference between what we allow others to see and who we really are. Next, Dave talks about how Rich Mullins led a life of reckless faith an...

  • Ragamuffin TV Trailer 02

  • Brennan Manning: Extended Interview

    An interview with Brennan Manning from our documentary "Rich Mullins: A Ragamuffins Legacy."

  • Shane Claiborne: Extended Interview

    An interview with Brennan Manning from our documentary "Rich Mullins: A Ragamuffins Legacy."

  • Brennan Premiere Q&A

    A Q&A after the premiere of the movie BRENNAN in Wichita, 2016. David Leo Schultz, Dave Mullins, James Bryan Smith, and Alex Early.

  • Jesus Loves Ragamuffins

    A four part devotional short film with director David Leo Schultz. Can Jesus really love us? Can we accept that? Will you let him? JESUS LOVES RAGAMUFFINS is a continuing conversation on the love of God set amongst the beauty of creation. Presented by Color Green Films, the creative team behind t...

  • Tullian Tchividjian's "Broken Christmas"

    Tullian Tchividjian was a megachurch pastor, on TV every week, and by most accounts had reached the pinnacle of "professional Christian" success. And then he lost it all. His family and ministry. In this Christmas special, Tullian shares some of his worst moments, what that did to his family, and...

  • An Evening w/ WM Paul Young & David Leo Schultz

    A fundraiser event for www.polegems.com - brought author WM Paul Young (The Shack) and RTV's own David Leo Schultz.
    David speaks followed by a Q&A with David, Paul, and others from Pole Gems!

  • Beating Guns w/ Shane Claiborne

    November 1, 2019 in a small church in Trenton, NJ - a diverse group of citizens joined in the basement of St. Bartholowmew Lutheran Church to turn their weapons into garden tools after listening to Moms In Action & author-activist Shane Claiborne.