The Cutting Room Floor

The Cutting Room Floor

A growing collection of David Leo Schultz's sketches, shorts, and pilots.

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The Cutting Room Floor
  • Mikey's Used Pastor Lot

    Mikey Sandusky used to own a Used Car Lot...but now he's a born again Christian. So's a Used Pastor Lot. Come on down! He's got every type of pastor you can think of...literally.

  • Why Rusty Butters is Votin' for Trump!

    One of David's comedy sketches that has fallen to its death on The Cutting Room Floor. A follow up to the sketch "Making Christianity Great Again."

  • Pilot - Tom and Monster Show

    The Tom and Monster Show. After a public brawl live on television, Tom and Monster must kiss up to executives to save their show. Warning: Adult Language Included

  • Church Skit Team

    Coming soon to a church, convention, conference and/or retreat center near A CHURCH SKIT TEAM! Watch out...your part-time youth pastor may have just joined the cast!

  • Bedsheet Man

    Phillip Evans is grieving. His teenage son, Aden, has committed suicide. Searching for hope and answers he begins digging through old mementos and memories to discover an old box of mini-dv tapes that belonged to Aden.

    Medicating himself on booze and depression - Phillip watches the tapes ov...

  • Seeker Sensitive Training Vol. 1

    Senior Pastor Larry Barlow gives his inspirational advice on how everyone can have a big ole kick butt amazing church like his!

  • S1: E1 - The David Leo Schultz Show

    Starring: Phillip Wilburn as Donald Trump
    Written & Directed by DLS

  • What's My Name?

    The Color Green Sketch Comedy Show.

  • Merry Christmas Neighbor

    The Color Green Sketch Show. When friendly banter around the bbq goes a little too far.

  • Keep Out Kyle!

    The Color Green Sketch Comedy Show. Mike brings his date home... to meet his brother.

  • Black Lives Matter

    The Color Green Sketch Comedy Show. Solving all the race issues in America.

  • Be Happy. It's Christmas!

    Color Green Sketch Show. A Christmas special.

  • Missing

    John Brennamen is no hero. He's just a man who lost his wife to cancer and his daughter has gone missing. But what he will do to get her back is nothing short of heroic.

  • Bontrager and Gast

    An original buddy cop comedy that combines action, friendship, and insanity. The comedy is fresh, fast-paced, and is going to make you wish you were on a ride-along with BONTRAGER & GAST.